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Advanced Hi-Tech Equipment
We Use The Most Advanced Inspection Equipment Available So You Will Have Less To Worry About! The thoroughness of even the most experienced home inspector is limited to the quality of inspection equipment used. Professional Home Inspections has invested in the latest hi-tech home inspecting equipment to provide you with one of the most thorough inspection experiences in the greater Seattle area.
Thermal Imaging Camera
A thermal imaging camera is one of the most advanced tools available for performing home inspections, showing images in temperatures ranges. Although an expensive tool, it's invaluable for inspecting new construction or bank-owned properties where the water supply has been turned off. A thermal imaging camera can "see" a leak within a wall when there is not sufficient saturation of the drywall for a moisture meter to detect.

An infrared camera is also best for inspecting tile or marble areas where a moisture meter can't read behind the surface. It can also reveal overheated breakers on electrical panels and worn bearings on furnace motors.
We use the Extech I5 Infrared Camera.
Carbon Monoxide Detector
To illustrate how important it's to test for carbon monoxide, consider the following:
  • 50ppm- Maximum allowable concentration of carbon monoxide for continuous exposure in any 8 hour average level.
  • 200ppm- Results in mild headache, fatigue, nausea and dizziness.
  • 400ppm- Produces frontal headache, life threatening after 3 hours.
  • 800ppm- Causes death within 2 hours.
A Carbon Monoxide Detector enables an inspector to detect low levels of carbon monoxide gas. It is important for testing the air flow coming through the registers to ensure the furnace is not leaking carbon monoxide through the ducting and into the living spaces. Water heaters, appliances and gas fireplace inserts are other potential sources of carbon monoxide. We use the Extech G2500 Digital Carbon Monoxide Detector.
Moisture Meter
A Moisture Meter measures the percentage of moisture in various materials. Wood, drywall and plaster are all materials which a moisture meter is able to detect and measure the moisture content. An excellent tool for testing for leaks in walls behind sinks and showers, wood subfloors around toilets and around window and door openings. We use the top rated Delmhorst BD-2100 Digital Moisture Meter with EFS capability.
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